DHS House Singing


On Friday, July 5th Darfield High School held their annual House Singing competition. The competition is a highlight for many and a chance for student house leaders to showcase their ability along with some guidance from house teachers.

The first of the six scheduled Practices began in week five of last term  to get competitors up to speed with the necessary performance requirements.

This year songs were required to have a theme of ‘celebrating diversity and being as one’.

Songs presented were:

  • Kikorangi House: ‘We’re all in this together’ – High School Musical
  • Tawera House: ‘One Love’ – Bob Marley
  • Waimakariri House: ‘Where is the love’- Black Eyed Peas
  • Rawhiti House: ‘Grace Kelly’ – Mika.

Houses were judged on their entrance into the Hall, uniform tidiness, choreography (visual performance/conduction), house involvement and vocal performance.

Results: 1: Kikorangi, 2: Rawhiti, 3: Tawera, 4: Waimakariri.