2019 Courtenay A&P Show Results



  • Hide The Loot Trophy – Overall Top Led Classes: Vanessa Pickens, (Rubinesque)
  • Antrim Memorial Cup – Champion Hack Group A: Grace Tripe, (Lord Hampton)
  • Oakside Challenge Cup – Best Lady Rider 21yrs & Over: Meg Fleming (Bewitched of Flaxmill)
  • Southwell Park Trophy – Champion Hack Group B: Meg Fleming (Bewitched of Flaxmill)              
  • Colyn Foster Challenge Cup – Champion Rider: Lucy Cochrane (Gymanji)
  • M R Black Memorial Trophy – Winner of the NZRP Ridden Sash: Jade Miller (Tell No Lies)
  • Legend Challenge Trophy – Supreme Saddle Pony: Brechin Family/Mia Jones (Eastdale Imogen)                              
  • Quigley Challenge Cup – Champ Saddle Pony over 128cm, under 138cm: Brechin Family/Mia Jones(Eastdale Imogen)
  • David Gallagher Memorial Trophy – Best District Rider U14 yrs: Charlise Miller (Willow Spring on Order)
  • KR Wilson Challenge Cup – Champion Saddle Pony under 128cm: Jorja Rose (Pine-Eyre Secret Decision)
  • Meares Family Challenge Trophy Judged – Best Placed & Managed Pony, under 128cm: Jorja Rose (Pine-Eyre Secret Decision)                     
  • Cromwell Challenge Cup – Champion Cob: Lyn Chamberlain (Just Billy)
  • M E Jenkins Memorial Trophy: Y Bartram /S Cronin (Jubilee Harvest Gold)
  • CFM Challenge Cup – Champion Harness Horse over 143cm: B S Maley (Glen Cree Bonfire)
  • I H & D Gillanders Plate – Supreme Led Pony: Y Bartram /S Cronin (Jubilee Harvest Gold)
  • R K Reed Memorial Trophy – Best District Led Pony: Nicola Urquhart (Exquisite)                  
  • Rubicon Kados Memorial Cup – Champion Riden Arab: Rosalie Kerr
  • Racecourse Hill Cup: Brooke Adams (Oky Doky)
  • P E Bedford & Family Cup: James Reid (Lady Holly)
  • Gillanders Volunteer Memorial Cup: Gussie Thompson (St Patrick)
  • Rodney Withell Memorial Trophy: Gussie Thompson (St Patrick)
  • R A Boag Memorial Trophy: Liv Hurndell (Three Twelves)


  • WC Bedford Challenge Cup – Most Points in all Sheep Classes except Prime Sheep: Maple Genetics
  • DH Penney Challenge Trophy – Most Points in any one breed of Pure Breed Sheep: Maple Genetics
  • GS Barwell Trophy – Most Points in Flock Sheep: Maple Genetics
  • Brooklyn Trophy – Purebred Supreme Ram Hogget: Andrew & Jacqui Adams
  • Broadgate Texel Stud Trophy – Most Points in Texel Section: Maple Genetics
  • Champion Dorper Ram: Maple Genetics
  • Champion Dorper Ewe: Maple Genetics
  • Champion Corriedale Ram: Gavin R Wilson
  • Champion Border Leicester Ram: Stronglea Farm
  • Champion Border Leicester Ewe: Stronglea Farm
  • Champion English Leicester Ewe: BL & DJ McCloy
  • Champion Romney Ram: Wilson Family Trust
  • Champion Romney Ewe: Wilson Family Trust
  • Champion Texel Ram: MB & SL Shipley
  • Champion Texel Ewe: Maple Genetics
  • Champion South Suffolk Ram: James Hoban
  • Champion South Suffolk Ewe: Andrew & Jacqui Adams
  • Champion Suffolk Ram: Andrew & Jacqui Adams
  • Champion Suffolk Ewe: Andrew & Jacqui Adams


  • F Westaway Challenge Trophy – Most Points in Prime Sheep: Schnell Farming
  • The G R Seaton Memorial Challenge Cup Best Pen of Prime Lambs: SL & MB Shipley
  • RW & LE Seaton Challenge Trophy – Best Suffock Crossbred Lamb on the Hoof in Gift Lamb Competition: Schnell Family


  • Champion Angus Female: Jane Jenkins (Floridale Dimitry)
  • H E Jenkins trophy – Supreme Beast Angus Section: Jane Jenkins (Floridale Dimitry)
  • G S Barwell Trophy: Jane Jenkins (Floridale Dimitry)
  • F Johnson Challenge Cup (most points in Cattle Section): Jane Jenkins (Floridale Dimitry)


  • The Redfern Cup: Lachie Greer
  • Champion Pet Lamb: Lachie Greer


  • The W Brook Trophy: LM Catherwood


  • Champion Doe: Ray Messervy (Strontian Foxy Girl)
  • Champion Buck: Arscott & Jones (Kohinoor Ceasar)
  • Pander Cup – Goats-overall Champion: Arscott & Jones (Riverbound  Latte)
  • HR Champ Jr Doe: Ray Messervy (Stontian Foxy Babe)
  • AR Champion Doe: Arscott & Jones (Hollybank Milly)
  • AR Champion Junior Doe: Helene Youngman (Palendale Pansey)


  • JR Manson Memorial Cup – Most points: B Glassey
  • Dunlop/Gray Bantam Cup: Bryan & Alan Dunlop/Gray
  • Dunlop/Gray Bantam Junior Trophy: Shaun Prangley
  • Champion Children’s Bantam: Shaun Prangley
  • Waterfowl Champion: Heather McCormick
  • SIPPCB Assn Grand Champ: Bryan & Alan Dunlop/Gray


  • R M Wilson Challenge Trophy: Ann Salkeld (Dean 0 )
  • Wilson Family Tr – District Winner: Graeme Loe (Moss)
  • President’s Prize – Youngest Competitor: Jenny McMurdo (Cosmo)



  • Darfield Seed Cleaning Most Points Grass Seed: Redmond Ag Farming (Weka)


  • A to Z Trophy – Wine: Dennys W Guild
  • Premier Exhibit Ribbon – Home-made wine: John Grant (Mixed red fruits)


  • Chch Press Co Cup – Farm Produce: Melissa Evans
  • Premier Exhibit Ribbon (Eggs & Jam): Melissa Evans


  • Mary Syme Cup Most Points in Cooking: Nancy Dimmock
  • Premier Exhibit: Wendy Chamberlain


  • Premier Exhibit Ribbon – Fruit & Vege: B Adams-Hooper


  • Premier Exhibit Ribbon – Knitting: Patricia Henderson
  • Premier Exhibit Ribbon – Quilts: Bronwyn Hamilton
  • Premier Exhibit Ribbon Sewing:  Heather Dickie
  • Premier Quilt: Bronwyn Hamilton
  • Quilts & Quilting Viewers Choice: Lily Smith


  • Graham Gallagher Cup – Most Points in Photography: Julie Cockburn
  • Ron Fechney Trophy Most Outstanding Exhibit in Photography: Alissa Slaven
  • Premier Art Ribbon: Shannon Griffiths


  • Murchison Challenge Trophy Most Points in Cut Flowers: Jo Edwards
  • Premier Exhibit Ribbon – Cut Flowers: J Gallagher
  • Burton Tray – Most Points in Decorative: Janet Cridge
  • Premier Exhibit – Decorative Flowers: Sandra Gilmour


  • Masterton Cup – Most Points in District: Meg Edwards
  • Premier Exhibit – District Competitors: Meg Edwards


  • D & I Stott Cup – Outstanding Exhibit: Finlay Tallentire
  • Premier Exhibit – Junior Children’s: Lilly Thorpe
  • Premier Exhibit – Senior Children’s: Alissa Slaven
  • Macartney Trophy: Alissa Slaven


  • Rowlands 1940 And Later Cup: Trevor Schnell (Ferguson 35)
  • Rowlands Tractor & Machinery Cup: Trevor Schnell (Anderson Engine)


  • Woodlands Park Tray – Most Outstanding Display: Kirwee Vol Fire Brigade
  • N & K Stott Trophy – Best Trade Exhibit: PGG Wrightson.

The full results will be available on the Courtenay A & P Association Website – www.courtenayshow.org.nz