34 Years And Now It’s Gone!


When a totally destructive fire began in the middle of the day, on May 28th, 1986, it spelt the end of the Gnomes Ski Hire building, which was housed in the old PGG/Charles’ Trading Post building on the corner of Bray Street and South Terrace. Folk from around the township came to assist and rescue stock, which they did; ironically on display were only single ski-boots and single skis – their partners incinerated in the stockroom at the back of the building. Needless to say the Disabled Skiers Association was pleased to receive a large quantity of brand-new single items of hardware!

The Gnomes Ski business, keen to continue, then moved a disused Church from around the corner on Ross Street to the South Terrace site. Rosters of keen skiers in the area assisted with labour and provided appreciated skills to ensure the ‘new’ building was fit for purpose and that Gnomes could get back underway. It has occupied the main street site for 34 years, until it met its demise over the past couple of weeks. Sadly there would appear to be little left of the building for repurposing. The site is to be developed for the occupation of PGG Wrightson.