Bobby Forest, Moses Mackay, Pene Pati with Darcy Forest, Lorelai Forest and Amitai Pati.

A Christmas Like No Other


Young four year old Darcy Forest had all his dreams come true on Saturday, December 16th when not only did he get to see his heroes Sol3 Mio perform, but he also got to sing with them!

Darcy, who wants to become a singer, attended the Sol3 Mio concert in Christchurch with his family as an early Christmas treat. “He was lucky enough to be taken back stage after the concert, said his mother Lorelai Forest, “where he was greeted with much love and enthusiasm, before getting to sing with them.”

New Zealand trio Sol3 Mio consists of brothers Pene and Amitai Pati along with their cousin Moses Mackay. The group is of Samoan descent and classically trained; the Pati brothers are operatic tenors and Moses is a baritone.

“They are brilliant,” Lorelai enthused, “and it’s so lovely to have such role models for children too! Almost five year old Darcy is a huge fan, he has their album and listens to it on repeat so he was so excited to attend their concert. This was his first real concert (if you don’t include the Wiggles) and he had been counting down the days until he attended. Darcy goes to Pitter Patter dance class in West Melton every Tuesday (we’re a Darfield family though the kids are homeschooled),” Lorelai explained, “and he often feels a little embarrassed being the only boy.

“As we were leaving the concert (which blew him away, he danced and sang and declared it the best night of his life, blown away by the group’s voices live) we were discussing all this at the merchandise stand,” Lorelai said. “Everyone had left and we were virtually the last to go when some of the officials/crew overheard us and contacted Sol3 Mio back stage saying, “there is a little boy here, can he come and meet you”.

“They immediately said yes and invited the whole family backstage! Darcy was greeted like a long lost friend and there were bear hugs and high fives, along with lots of joking around. He was shy at first but the group really took their time to bring him out of his shell. We weren’t rushed at all but invited to take a seat, where Darcy snuggled up to Amitai to take selfies and talk about singing. They all then sang Jingle Bells together which Amitai videoed.

“Amitai later posted the video on Instagram, saying, “met this amazing lil’ man last night after our show in Christchurch. Thanks to the lovely @lorelai_forest for bringing him backstage to meet us and for giving us the privilege of singing with him. Watch out, world… This lil’ heartbreaker is gonna run wild with that voice of his! Keep singing, Darcy – your parents love you and @sol3mio does, too”.

“Darcy spoke with Sol3 Mio about Christmas and how he might grow up to be a singing builder one day; Moses’s idea which Darcy thought was brilliant. They were very encouraging and commended his self belief – doing what he loved and being himself. This really made his Christmas,” Lorelai said.

While little brother River slept through it all, it didn’t end there. “The next day we received messages from Sol3 Mio wishing us a Merry Christmas along with more encouraging words for Darcy. It meant so much to him and he’ll hold on to that forever. He still can’t believe it,” Lorelai finished.

As for Darcy, he’s aiming high and wants to sing for the San Francisco opera one day, just like his heroes!