Anne Lawrey proudly displays their very modern, 1968 Ford transit van bought 
for deliveries from the Kirwee Lawrey’s IGA Store. 
The 1968 Ford transit van has been undergoing restoration and has now returned to the roads delivering ‘Grandad’s Garden’ veges. Note the one digit phone number!

A Piece of Kirwee History


For those travelling to this weekend’s Courtenay A & P Show in Kirwee, the house on the eastern side of the Kirwee Challenge Service Station (and owned by them) wasn’t always so. For many, many years it was the home of the Kirwee Store.

Back in 1885 Frank Lawrey purchased the Kirwee Store, initially delivering goods by horse drawn cart. His son, John Lawrey later took over the Store (which by now had become an IGA store) and in the photo above his wife, Anne  proudly displays their very modern, 1968 Ford transit van. John and Anne’s son, Strathearn Lawrey (aka Grandad) later acquired this vehicle and has been re-conditioning it to get it back on the road and to transport his veges around the community.

“I love that their phone number is a single digit,” said a family spokesperson, “and it’s so cool to see a bit of history being brought back to life.”

Strathearn’s ‘Grandad’s Garden’ vege enterprise is well-known around the district, especially in West Melton, where he now resides. The produce is freshly dug and sold at the gate, as well as at local markets etc.