Deb & Ray O'Connell.

Change At The Helm


Those who have, over the past  few years, enjoyed the ambience and dining experience at The Terrace, in Darfield, can rest easy knowing that under changed ownership this will continue. New owners Deb and Ray O’Connell are no strangers to great customer service, while knowing and catering to their target market, along with being friendly and congenial hosts. Already owning the Darfield Hotel the couple have proven their ability to supply the area with a great place to socialise and enjoy. The Terrace will continue this trend, but in keeping with its history, size and location offer it in a slightly different fashion.

Deb and Ray have employed a European chef to bring a hint of international cuisine to their new venture, but many of the favourite dishes on The Terrace menu will remain, as will all the familiar staff, under their new ownership.

“We do have some changes planned for the future,” Deb explained. “As with any new venture we do want to implement some individuality, but  it’s been running well and so we don’t want to alter things unnecessarily. We have listened to customers and plan to initiate an area for a casual cafe/bar in the future, which many have asked us to include.”

With The Terrace’s future now secure, locals, and those passing through, can partake of lunchtime and evening dining just as they always have done. Deb and Ray offer genuine choices between their two establishments and it can only be beneficial to those planning a meal out, family gathering or celebratory event to now have such a choice.

Contact details at The Terrace remain the same, bookings are always appreciated and diners can expect great service and great food making their eating-out experience one to look forward to under the current ownership of Deb and Ray.