Competent Riders Sought


On behalf of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Charitable Trust, its President Mark Appleton is appealing for suitably able riders to join them in this year’s Anzac day ceremonies.

“We have been engaged to appear at Burnham Camp in the ANZAC Day 2018 dawn service,” Mark said, “then on to Templeton RSA, before later on in the day at Greendale for another service. It is our intention and goal to have one hundred horses and riders at the Greendale service in the afternoon. Sadly the Burnham Camp service can only take 25 riders due to the space available, however the balance of riders recruited will be able to join the group at Templeton,” he added. “Training will be offered beforehand,” Mark said, “and so what we’re looking for at this point in time are the names of riders interested in participating. We will offer training in Military style riding and orders prior to the event, added to which riders must be competent and commit to this training.”

The NZ Mounted Rifles Charitable Trust was set up to visually represent the brave men and their horses that went to war over one hundred years ago.

Their vision for the future is one where the people who are brave enough to stand up and fight for New Zealand are adequately cared for, recognised and remembered. Families to be cared for in their absence, either temporarily or permanently. The Trust stands by the mothers and fathers that erected all the war memorials in every small town in New Zealand so many years ago. Memorials in memory of their sons and daughters that left on

a ‘great adventure’, only to be met by the horrors of war.

The NZ Mounted Rifles Charitable Trust raises as much money and awareness as they can for the education and visual display of the Mounted Rifles Regiments of New Zealand. Money is raised for worthy causes such as Rannerdale Veterans’ Care, The Fallen Heroes Trust and for the care of Veterans in the future. This is done by charging for appearances, selling gifts from their online shop and the Trust’s Army Tent shop at Shows throughout the country.

Any local riders who meet the Anzac Day criteria and are interested in participating can make contact with Mark via the NZ Mounted Rifles Charitable Trust Facebook page.