Game Developer, Seth Groom in San Francisco.

Creating Another World


Local twenty-one year old, Seth Groom, has been developing his game NYKRA (pronounced nigh-krah)for some time, and finally he is polishing it up and preparing for its launch later this year.

The News asked Seth some questions about this development:

How did you get into game development?

I started programming when I was about nine years old. My father taught me some basics, and I improved over the years. When I was in Year 7-8 at school I started to learn that people could make and sell games, all by themselves. From there I knew I had to get better to be able to do such a thing.

What goes into making a game?

Most games have a core ‘game mechanic’ that drives the direction of the experience. Making this ‘mechanic’ requires a design angle and a sense of ergonomics. Once you have an idea you have to program out the ‘engine’ of the game, to make things work properly. Then, once everything works at a basic level, you fill it with art. For me, this has taken more than four years to get things to a point where it’s playable!

Is this your fulltime job?

Technically, yes. Making games takes a ridiculous amount of time, so I put all my hours and effort into it.

Can you tell us about your game, Nykra? Where did the idea come from?

NYKRA (pronounced nigh-krah) is a story-game about the first born galaxy in existence. You play as a humanoid being, called Keu (pronounced like ‘Q’) who has to discover where she came from, as you travel through seven planets of different histories. It’s a story and dialogue heavy game that is filled with complex puzzles and technology.

I came up with the idea six or seven years ago while drawing random things. It’s grown a lot since then, and now it has expansive lore that I’m incredibly proud of.

Do you have anyone assist you or is it solely you on the job?

I do absolutely everything for the game. Audio, art, design, code, advertising. It’s been hectic, but worth it so far!

How long has it taken you to develop it?

The current and final prototype has been in development for almost three years. This is the version I’m polishing up and preparing for release when the time comes.

How long to do you spend working on it each week?

I spend almost every waking moment on it. And if I’m not, I’m thinking about it. This can be from about eleven to fourteen hours every day.

Seth has recently been getting inspiration and motivation from fellow game developers from around the world while attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.
What does going to GDC mean for you? Can anyone go?

Anyone can go to GDC. For me, it’s the perfect opportunity to meet developers from around the globe. I connected with friends from Twitter, and met some of my idols. It was a great opportunity to socialise with people and show them who I am and what I do. I had a couple of fans come up to me, which was amazing! I’m currently taking motivation and inspiration from it all, to drive me to the finish line! It was so amazing to hear that people liked the game, and that really makes it all feel worth while.

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