Darfield ITM Celebrating 15 Years


Today, Friday April 12th Darfield ITM celebrates fifteen years of business with a birthday cake to be enjoyed and shared with their customers.

Darfield ITM opened in April 2004 as part of the ITM Group which now has over ninety stores around the country. Mitchell Bros Sawmill owners Tony and David Mitchell were approached in 2003 by  Independent Timber Merchants (ITM) as they were looking at increasing their brand and wanting stores in growth areas of the country. Mitchell Bros Sawmillers were well established, had already recognised a need for Hardware and Building materials supply in the area, and saw great potential in joining an exciting new group of independent stores.  Darfield ITM began with a team of five – Mark Creamer was the manager, with Chris Mitchell and Brian Redfern in the store, Cameron Haskett ran the yard, and Faye Saunders was in the office.

“We were well supported by the community and quickly increased the staff and the size of the store,” Faye explained. “We currently have twelve staff and three part-timers. When Mark moved back to Australia in 2009 I became the manager,” Faye said. “At this time Gary Gifkins joined the team as Trade Manager, where he has formed valued and trusted relationships with both suppliers and customers.

Nick Fisher joined the team in 2005, starting in the yards then sales rep, before finishing in 2017.

Phil Potter joined us in 2006 to run the yard, retiring a few years ago, but still enjoys working Saturday mornings,” Faye added. “Steve Borrie joined the team in 2011 and had a significant impact in growing our pole shed buildings’ department creating the brand Heartland Sheds, which Ross Bourhill now runs. Kylie Borrie joined us in 2012, starting part-time in the shop, but progressing quickly, and now working closely with Gary in the Trade Department. Paul Anink and Ed Dance now run the shop, both offering excellent customer service, while working hard on sourcing products to meet the market. They are assisted part-time by Lana Hutchinson-Smith and Tony Port.

“The yard team is headed by Barry Primmer, assisted by Scott Williamson and the two Graham Browns (Oxford and Darfield), Jason Mostert is our friendly sales rep, and lastly and very importantly we have Wendy Henderson in the office,” Faye said.

“ITM is passionate about the same things many in our community are – rugby, racing and fishing!  We are proud to support the best of Kiwi sport at all levels, both nationally and in our local communities. ITM has been a long-time supporter of Matt Watson and the ITM Fishing Show. We are proud to be sponsors of New Zealand’s largest annual sporting event the ITM Supersprint and have recently become a sponsor to Emirates Team New Zealand, plus involvement in Big Buddy and Legasea. “Darfield ITM recognises the support we receive from the community and in appreciation sponsor many local organisations and projects,” Faye said.

“We would like to acknowledge the customers that showed faith in us from day one; such as  Moore Builders (Richard and Mark), Plumb Level & Square (Phil Marsh), Malcolm Inch (now semi-retired), Ivan Hopkins, Sheds Barns & Yards (Kelvin Kimber) and Fencing Contractors, Mike Warwick, Ross Saunders, Glen Kimber and David Stevenson. They are still loyal customers, and they enabled us to learn and grow our business, to where we now supply most of the local trades in the area.

“We all feel fortunate to be working in a great community where we have got to know our clients and formed lasting relationships while enjoying many laughs and experiences; we thank you for your business over the last fifteen years,” Faye concluded.