Bryan Thomas (aka Trout) with the heaviest fish - a trophy winner!

Darfield ITM/ Rugby Club Fishing Competition


The Darfield ITM / Rugby Club Fishing Competition which took place on October 13th and 14th  at Lake Benmore was reported to be another great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

There were the normal tall stories of the big one that was thrown back, or the one that was too big to net. However Bryan Thomas eventually caught the biggest fish for the weekend, which he very quickly pointed out made him the best fisherman ever, having already won the trophy for this feat once before! This story apparently, was heard over and over again during the night!
Keri Judd caught the heaviest fish for a female and was very close to the heaviest top overall fish.

“It was a hard fought win and thoroughly deserved after looking after her three male team mates on the boat,” organisers commented. “Team mates including Luke Collins, John Riach and husband Chris Judd; who also won the top prize in the raffle (a Husqvarna Chainsaw) – well done Jubba.”
Ciaran Copping and Ruben Bromley shared the top spot for the heaviest fish in the children’s section. “A great effort by these two young anglers, especially for Ciaran who had to struggle with his mother running the boat aground in the middle of the lake! Yes readers that’s correct – Tracy Copping won the prestigious, ‘Dick and Trout’ award for the biggest mishap. Tracy was apparently busy talking away on her cell phone to another angler while her husband was yelling from the back of the boat that they were running out of water. She happily kept on chatting until the motor was bouncing and the boat was stuck while her son is shaking his head in amazement. She was later heard suggesting that the boat was too big and there wasn’t enough water in the lake!”

Organisers especially thank all their much appreciated sponsors and supporters of the weekend, along with Tony Mitchell, David Grice, Spud Hewson and Luke Hewson for cooking the barbecue on Saturday night for everybody. “Top effort team. Watch this space for next year, it will be advertised a lot earlier and is a fun weekend for all who attend.”