(L-R) Dinazade (Skye Collins), Scheherazade (Jessica Lal) and Vizier (Ryan Thomas).

Darfield Primary Production


On Thursday, September 13th, Darfield Primary School presented their performance, ‘Scheherazade’ in the Darfield High School Hall. While the main roles were acted by Jack Guy, Rachel McKenzie, Sam van der Wilt, Jessica Lal, Skye Collins, Ryan Thomas and Tinura Gajamange, the whole School was involved, in some capacity, in the production.

A huge amount of practice and time went into getting the performance stage-ready.

“Everybody learnt their lines and we had Kate Brunner pushing us to be our very best on stage,” Jack Guy one of the main cast members laughed.

The Hall was packed to the gunnels as the audience waited in anticipation for the Show to begin, with everyone proclaiming it to be a fabulous performance by all the pupils involved.

‘Scheherazade,’ is about two children that begin their adventure after meeting an old man in a junk shop. The old man tells them about Scheherazade, as he reads from the book ‘Tales of the Arabian Nights’.

A Sultan, who used to be a good man but is now under a spell, has become bitter and cruel. He takes a new bride every night and kills her the following day. Scheherazade asks her father, to offer her hand in marriage to the Sultan. She regales the Sultan with interesting stories each evening that make him want to continue with her tales the following night.

“The crowd really enjoyed themselves,” Jack said. “The costumes were supplied by Rolleston Costume hire and the stage props looked fantastic. All the performers had a great time and everyone would like to do it again in the future,” he added.