King & Queen (Yr 13) Jaymee Burrows & Harry Pooler.

DHS 2018 Formal


Darfield High School’s annual formal was held on Saturday, August 4th at the School’s Hall. This year’s theme was ‘Through the Looking Glass’ (Alice in Wonderland) and 273 students attended and enjoyed the night. “A lot of planning went into making this night a great success with some awesome props making it truly special,” said DHS Deputy Principal Todd Adams. “The organising committee did a fabulous job of creating a night to be remembered for the students who attended,” reported one student.

This annual event is a highlight of the year for many students. On arrival students entered through a corridor of leaves which added to the atmosphere of the evening. There were plenty of opportunities for  students to have their photos taken, either in small or large groups, couples or individuals, along with a photo booth.

The music was reported to be a great mix for all to dance to.

The award winners for the night:

Best Dressed: (Year 12)

Ethan Taylor

Penny Mitchell

Best Dressed: (Year 13)

Adriana Cornelissen

Jayden Hann

Duke and Duchess: (Year 12) Jackson Proud

Cassandra Aubrey

King and Queen (Year 13) Jaymee Burrows

Harry Pooler.