Jodie Rollings, Viktoria Derik-Westaway and Aeryn McMillan-Da Via showing their fabulous acting skills during ‘Check Please’.

DHS ‘Check Please’ Production


On June 26th and 27th Darfield High School’s Drama Department presented the Jonathan Rand production ‘Check Please’, held in the School’s Drama Theatre. Students enjoyed the opportunity of using the purpose built drama space. This production was a laugh-out-loud comedy that followed some colourful characters on a series of blind dates – getting more hilarious and catastrophic as they went.

The year groups involved were eleven – thirteen, with the production counted towards students’ NCEA credits. The assessment was to perform in front of a live audience with students on stage for a total of five shows. The three daytime performances attracted good crowd numbers and local rest home residents attending reported having a fabulous time.

The two evening performances went extremely well with the audience thoroughly enjoying the jokes and laughing throughout.

DHS students had so much fun presenting this production and absolutely loved hearing the audience laugh as they wowed them with their acting skills.

“It was awesome to hear the audience’s reactions,” said one student. “The performances ran smoothly with no major hiccups, just a couple of lines lost due to a few wee nerves,” they added. This production was a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase the skills they are learning and put theory into practice. It elevated what they have been studying by putting it into real life entertainment. All those involved received much confidence-boosting, positive feed back from staff, other students, parents and  community members. This drama production was the highlight of the year for many of students and something for them to be so very proud of. One student commenting, “she would do it again in a heartbeat.”