The opening of the electric car charger in Darfield. 
(L-R) Aaron Orangi - Darfield Pharmacy, Sam Broughton - Mayor of Selwyn District, 
Simon Wheeler - Charged EV and David Boot - E.V City.

Electric Car Charger for Darfield


On Tuesday, October 16th an exciting addition to the eastern side of Darfield Pharmacy was installed. The addition was an electric car charger (which the News can report has already been put to use!) funded and installed by David Boot of E.V City and Simon Wheeler from Charged EV. The facility will also have the ongoing support of Darfield Pharmacy’s owner and pharmacist, Aaron Orangi. “I was pleased to be able to help support the community with this much needed asset,” Aaron added.

Selwyn Mayor, Sam Broughton had the honour of announcing the charging unit open and operational, and commented that this was the first EV destination charger in Darfield.

Simon from Charged EV added, “this is the first of many projects we will be involved in with the community in mind.”

“It’s taken a car salesman, an electrician and a pharmacist, to make the first EV charger west of Christchurch happen,” laughed Dave, of E.V City.

The News understands the payment structure for the use of the facility is handled by the Pharmacy, as well as by pre-registered cards.

There are many charging points throughout New Zealand, with electric cars becoming a popular option in the light of rising fuel prices.

The benefits of electric vehicles to New Zealand are immense; less oil imported, along with emissions and health costs reduced.

Kiwi cars travel on average 39 kilometres per day. This equates to approximately 14,000 kilometres per year. Based on an average sized petrol car an EV owner will save approximately $2,500 per annum on fuel and servicing costs.

A spend of $100 on petrol, will  carry a car a similar distance to a $20-$25 electricity charge.

EVs have regenerative brakes, so when braking, or travelling downhill, energy is captured back into the battery. The lesser number of moving parts in an electric motor therefore generally ensures substantially lower maintenance costs.

They are definitely the way of the future and now thanks to Darfield Pharmacy the township can boast its first charging station.