Fit For Royalty


Award winning cheese maker Emilio Festa and his son Enrico tickled the taste buds of the Prince of Wales at the Lincoln Farmers’ Market on Saturday, November 23rd.

The Prince sampled some of Emilio’s award winning cheeses, all made in his cheesery near Charing Cross. Emilio commented that he uses cow, sheep and goat milk from local producers to make his cheeses and added that it was an honour to meet the Prince.  Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, then treated Prince Charles to a wedge of Blue Cheese; paying cash!

When asked if he’d ship cheese overseas to the Prince, Emilio said anything is possible!

Want to eat like a royal? Well Emilio can be found at a number of markets this weekend – The Ohoka Farmers’ Market, followed by the Lyttelton Farmers Market, Riccarton Bush and the Opawa Farmers’ Market.