Georgia’s Passion And Talent


Ex local Georgia Hendrie was raised in Darfield and attended both Darfield Primary and High School. She has always had a passion for art and agriculture. Georgia has now turned her two passions into something special, she  does photography and can incorporate her love of animals into this.

A few years after Georgia left school she went dairy farming locally, during this time she bought a camera and spent any spare time she had taking photos, playing around with settings and learning how to use Photoshop off You tube videos, she has never done a photography course just has a natural talent and passion for photography.

About three years ago Georgia moved down south to a farm in Middlemarch with partner Tom Searle for a bit of a change. She decided to leave her full time job as a vet nurse eight months ago and follow her passion and turned her photography dream more into a reality. She is now able to commit to spending at least three days a week on her photography, to spend time building a website and doing commission work as well. Georgia has the best of both worlds really and the rest of her time to follow her other passion and work on the farm she lives on plus does other casual farm work around Middlemarch which she loves.

Over the Christmas period just been Georgia sold over 700 calendars and a lot of canvas and art prints to all round New Zealand and a fair few to overseas buyers as well, which was an amazing feeling for her. People may see Georgia’s work for sale in cafes all over New Zealand and in her mother’s shop here in Darfield, ‘Val Briggs Interiors’. Georgia is back up this way every couple of months visiting her siblings and family who live here in Darfield, doing commissions for Selwyn people who often contact her after seeing the photos of horses, dogs and farm life that are for sale in her mum’s shop.

Georgia’s main goal is to keep building up her photography portfolio and to keep chipping away at becoming an even better photographer. She hopes to one day make this her full time job enjoying something she is very passionate and  talented about.

To see more of Georgia’s work or to find out more details about her work visit her Facebook page: Georgia Hendrie Photography.