Greatest Virtual Run / Raffle


Recently Nathan Carter and his mother Bridget set about organising and ticket selling for a fundraising raffle to benefit the Running on the Autism Spectrum charity; it raised the sizeable sum of $1,110.

As well as the fundraising, participants plan a run in their own home area during Easter and on a beautiful day over the break, the pair ran the Crater Rim track in Christchurch. The 21 kilometre run, chosen by Bridget for the pair to tackle was described as ‘nice and hilly’. Bridget commented she was so proud of Nathan’s enthusiasm and the energy he has for life and learning. Adding that he always has a smile on his face even after completing the very hilly 21 kilometre run!

Both Bridget and Nathan sincerely thank the local community for their raffle buying support, along with their encouragement for the 21 kilometre run. Bridget commented that it was great to see Nathan out in his community assisting with the raffle selling.

Full raffle results are posted in the Malvern News window, where they will remain for a couple of weeks.