Gunyah Garden Party


In warm, blustery conditions the first Gunyah Garden Party took place on Sunday, February 2nd. However the gorgeous Gunyah grounds, surrounded by large, mature trees made it a perfect place for a party as it sheltered those attending from the winds, leaving them to enjoy the summery conditions.

It was reported to be a splendid day with everyone enjoying fine food, wine, whisky and gin, while relaxing to the swinging jazz music from The Curio Club. “The Gin masterclass presented by Michael Fraser-Milne of Whisky Galore was a highlight of the day for many, as was a talk on the history of Gunyah by owner Simonetta Ferrari,” explained Cindy Driscoll, Executive Officer, Hororata Community Trust, event co-organisers.

The Gunyah Garden Party offered a vastly different experience to traditional food and wine festivals.

Guests were able to sit with the winemakers for an appreciation tasting, providing the opportunity to really showcase great Selwyn wines from Braided River, Lone Goat and Melton Estate.

“The Hororata Community Trust was proud to present this Garden Party with Gunyah Country Estate,” Cindy said. “We are excited to be able to bring these types of events to our rural community and thank the volunteers who made it happen,” Cindy concluded.