Hair Sent to Wig Maker


Monday, July 15th was momentous for local girl Zara Lowe. She made the decision to have her beautiful, wavy and very, very long, hair cut off to a shorter style. The wonderful hair met the wig makers acceptance criteria and so Zara was able to sell it to them. Zara’s hair has been growing long for many years and after doing some research she found a company in New Zealand who would accept her tresses. Hair had to be at least fourteen inches long, never coloured or treated, and no salt and pepper grey.

An appointment was booked at New Image Hair Studio, Darfield for the big chop. Zara was understandably both excited and nervous when the time came, but having made the decision, she followed it through. A new hairband was needed to be purchased after the cut to keep the now, much shorter, locks in place.

“I didn’t feel like myself afterwards,” Zara commented, “and my head felt so much lighter.”

Zara then mailed her hair to Freedom Wigs in Dunedin.

“I can’t wait to show my friends at Glentunnel School my new haircut when School starts again next week,” Zara said with a smile.

Freedom Hair don’t accept gifts of hair, but if folk don’t wish to be recompensed for their tresses the company will donate that revenue to a charity of their choice, or subsidise a purchase for someone who may not otherwise be able to afford it.