Lots Of Fun When You’re Four!


The mention of a sleepover always creates enormous excitement and this was certainly the case when the four year old children at Darfield Preschool prepared for their annual sleepover event. It has become a regular yearly celebration and informal ‘graduation’ to gather together the older children and offer them the opportunity to experience a night away from home (for some this is their first time away). An evening to enjoy group camaraderie and be pampered alongside their peers with the support and company of the teachers they trust, and know well.

This year Darfield Preschool had one sleepover which included both the boys and girls. They all enjoyed participating in a range of activities. Children enjoyed making personalised placemats, having their nails painted and pretend tattoos put on, toasting marshmallows over a camp fire and playing a game of spot light, before enjoying a celebratory dinner. Then it was books before bed and lights out!

The evening was a huge success it was reported (adults in attendance deserve medals – Ed!). “Everyone was understandably tired but it was a small price to pay for hosting this rewarding event,” said a Preschool spokesperson. It was a wonderful social occasion where the children demonstrated creditable self-confidence and trust in their peers and environment,” they added. “The staff were exceptionally proud of all the children and the laughter and good times have provided lasting, fun memories.”

A couple of quotes from the sleepover were: “This is the best night ever.And “wasn’t it great?”

Darfield Preschool and Nursery look forward to hosting another sleepover for all their four year olds next year.