McHugh’s Magical Creatures


A touch of magic has descended on McHugh’s Forest.

Blown in by the nor’west wind  a magical community has moved into the Forest near Darfield just in time for the school holidays.

A short distance down the road in Greendale there lives another family of Fairies in Adam’s Arboretum. These Fairies came to the McHugh’s Fairies rescue not so long ago when the evil Goblins tried to take over McHugh’s Forest to chop down all the trees for firewood.

So tells part of the story written by John Feeney, which he hopes to have available as a book in the near future.

“I’ve aimed the fairy tale at small children with editing assistance from my UK based mum, who is a retired school teacher, to make the wording age appropriate,” John explained. “I’m more used to writing engineering manuals and University papers. The story is also geographically and meteorologically accurate if anyone wants to visit the landmarks mentioned.

“I am however searching for a skilled illustrator to bring my story to life,” John added.

From Friday, September 27th families can step into McHugh’s Forest and explore its  enchanted world with twenty magic doors hidden in the Forest for children (and the young at heart) to find.

“Look out for the signs and see who can spot the dragon sleeping,” SDC community services staff member Kelsey Waghorn said.

“The magical community will also be stepping out of the Forest to support a Fairie Party at Darfield Library on Friday, October 4th from mid-morning till lunchtime where there will be dancing, face painting, and a treasure hunt,” Kelsey said.

“Selwyn District Council have worked with the Darfield Menz Shed, who generously put in many hours of effort to build and decorate the doors.

“The idea had been used internationally and in other Canterbury districts, but with the creative genius of the men at Menz Shed it has been adapted to something special for Selwyn,” Kelsey enthused. “It is a simple way to light up the holidays for parents and children and it’s already been bringing a lot of fun.

“The doors bring a bit of joy in a different way and give people another reason to visit one of the many, really cool, outdoor spots that Selwyn has to offer. “Everyone who’s worked on the project, or we’ve talked to about it, has commented that it’s just sparked a memory and we’re hoping that will carry on through the holidays.”

To help the magical creatures feel welcome and stay, Kelsey commented that it is important for visitors to respect their space and take only photographs and leave only footprints.

“For those who do take photographs Darfield Library will print these for free to mount on a screen of the community photo board in the Library, with a copy to take home to remember your magical journey,” Kelsey ended.