Mural Wins Award


In December 2018, a group of twelve Year 10 Art students celebrated the installation of their finished mural at the Darfield Community Pool. The mural is made up of ten panels which collectively convey the theme ‘My Malvern Life’. Each panel depicts an aspect of the Malvern area, from wildlife, our rivers, key landmarks, and weather, to extreme sports,  creative arts, farming lifestyle, and transport. A central panel marks the September 2010 Greendale earthquake. The objective was to create art work to brighten the Pool area and to celebrate the many elements of the region we live in.

More recently, the mural was awarded second place in the New Zealand Resene Mural Masterpiece – Community Mural. This is a wonderful achievement for a group of hard-working and creative students. The students involved, who are currently now in Year 11, are Maia Adams, Mai Takata, Rira Takahashi, Leah Hamilton-Cross, Rowan Hickey, Brooke Thomason, Emma Daniel-Wilson, Kristana Bonner, Paris Taylor, Emily Cullen, Tamzin Brunton and Lauren Booth.

Also, a special mention to Maia, Mai, Rira, Leah, Rowan and Emily who, earlier in 2018, were awarded a High Commendation for their initial design draft for the mural.

Louise Carey, Art Teacher – Darfield High School.