Gabriel Lal at the Smokefreerockquest.

Music Career Began in Darfield


Gabriel Lal of Invercargill, is a seventeen year old, singer-songwriter who is definitely going from strength to strength with his musical career.

Gabriel will open for one of New Zealand’s biggest  talents, Stan Walker in October, when he appears in Invercargill. Gabriel is also a support act for ‘The Sons of Zion,’ in Dunedin, this month.

He commented that he’s ecstatic and over the moon to be able to open for Stan Walker and feels this could ‘open a lot of doors’, for his music career.

Gabriel was tutored in piano  in Darfield at the Malvern School of Music in 2012 and 2013 with teacher Adele Langlands. His two brothers also attended music lessons with the Malvern School of Music.

“I remember him being naturally talented musically and having a confident and positive personality,” Adele said. “Gabriel was only twelve when he first started so he was keener to spend time on Minecraft than practicing the piano,” Adele laughed. “I remember teaching him a pop song he was keen on and him singing along and I just had to tell him he had great voice,” Adele added. Gabriel and his family left the Darfield area in 2014.

Gabriel only got back into music (piano and singing) again a couple of years ago. He is a current student at Verdon College in Southland and is really excited to be playing his music for Invercargill.

Gabriel won the Southland Smokefree Best Vocals Award at the Smokefreerockquest with his ballad-style song, as well as the Solo-Duo Award and came very, very close to winning the New Zealand wide People’s Choice award also.

“The support I gained in this was amazing and I’m so grateful to the people of Southland who were behind me with voting,” Gabriel said.

Smokefreerockquest, which began in 1988, is an annual music competition for intermediate and high school bands throughout New Zealand. It has paved the way to the music careers of many well-known and talented musicians.