Tyler at home, proudly holding his 1st place trophy.

NZ Mini Motocross Champ


Local eleven year old, Tyler Wiremu, is following in his father, Dion Wiremu’s, footsteps on the Motocross circuit. Showcasing his skills and maturity while winning the premier grade of the nine to eleven year 65cc class in the New Zealand Mini Motocross Championships at Moore Park, in West Melton, on Saturday, and Sunday, November 4th and 5th.

Riders aged between four and eleven riding bikes with engine capacities anywhere between 50cc and 112cc, headed into battle when the Christchurch Off-Road Motorcycle Club hosted the two-day event.

Tyler, who is trained by Tauranga based, former World Champion, Ben Townley, has been racing in motocross events since he was four years of age (and riding since he was three) and now competes at least once a month around the country.

“To make things more efficient Tyler has a race bike in the North Island and a race bike in Australia, so it is easier to compete at events where the competition is broader,” Dion explained.

In this championship competition Tyler won every race by big margins, winning the second race by thirty-six seconds which is not common at a National event. He went on to lap up to fifteenth place, out of thirty riders, before finishing the race. His lap times were on average five to eight seconds faster than second place, but survival of the bike’s engine became important during race two, so he had to pace himself for the remainder of the day.

“Tyler really enjoyed the event with his friends and extended family present,” Dion commented. “The only pressure on him came after race two on Saturday when we confirmed an engine problem that could at any point bring his championship efforts to a halt. A late night effort was needed to limit the risk of engine failure, although the problem remained throughout Sunday. Tyler did only what he needed to in order to win the races and pace the bike which showed the maturity and race-craft he has developed over the years. His mum and I were very pleased to see it show at such a critical time,” Dion proudly explained.

Tyler’s next focus is on the New Zealand Junior Motocross Championships in the 85cc class to be held in Mosgiel during April 2018. He will then be heading to Australia to race the popular Hattah Desert event and then the Australian Junior Motocross Championships to be held in Tasmania during October 2018.

“We are very lucky to have people around the country, and in Australia, help us out with Tyler’s racing, we have some great people vested in Tyler’s future,”  Dion concluded.