Les Clements (left) and Simon Muir (right) assist auctioneer Grant McIlroy (centre) raise funds at the recent Kirwee Casino night.

Place Your Bets


For the Malvern Lions and the Kirwee Bowling Club, a great deal of organising culminated in a very successful Casino Night last Saturday. The event was held to raise funds for the rebuild of the dining area of the Bowls’ Clubhouse, which is now underway.

Around 200 people filled the Kirwee Hall, which had been turned into a mock casino for the evening, with a contingent of Lions members serving as croupiers, cashiers and auctioneers. There was a great deal of hilarity around the gaming tables as fortunes were won and lost, resulting in some of the luckier (or more canny) players being able to bid vast amounts on the lots put up for auction, while others could only stand in amazement at the size of the bids. The cash wasn’t real, but the prizes certainly were, and an impressive array of art work, tools, bedding, food and drink, appliances, and vouchers for goods and services found new homes amongst the bidders.

While not everybody chose to dress up for the occasion, there was strong competition for the ‘Best Dressed’ prizes, which were won by Sarah Barnard and Glenn Sparrow.

The organisers believe that they achieved what they set out to do, by providing a most entertaining and enjoyable night out for those who attended, whilst boosting the coffers to pay for their building project.  They expect to have made approximately $7,000.

The Bowling Club thank all who supported the evening, in particular the Malvern Lions, who underpinned the whole event.