L to R: Barbara Herrick (West Melton), Hazel Littlejohn (Darfield) and Margaret Bailey (Leeston) Selwyn bowlers representing New Zealand.

Representing New Zealand


Three Selwyn district women bowlers have been selected to represent Deaf Lawn bowls New Zealand, in the eighth International Deaf Bowls championships to be held January 4th – 15th 2019, at Burnside Bowls Club in, Christchurch.

Barbara Herrick, Hazel Littlejohn and Margaret Bailey are from West Melton, Darfield and Leeston Bowls Clubs respectively and the New Zealand team is made up of both men and women members from throughout New Zealand.

Barbara and Maggie have made regular appearances for the Games in the past, while fourth year bowler Hazel is enjoying her first International call up.

The event is held in various countries around the world every four years and has been held in Christchurch, Wales, Scotland, South Africa, England, Australia, Northern Island and Eire. This year  sees teams from Australia, Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland and Northern Ireland entered.

Dennis Herrick, Barbara’s husband, is the President of the International Deaf Bowls Federation, a position he has held for twelve years. He is also the Secretary of Deaf Bowls New Zealand and is the organiser of this eighth International tournament. As well Dennis is a qualified umpire officiating mostly at Malvern competitions. He too has competed in the International games but this year has stepped down to concentrate on running the event, as host organiser.

The International Deaf Bowls Championship is an empowering event that is crucial for members of the deaf community. Deaf people can often feel a sense of isolation in a hearing dominated world and without deaf sport the deaf community would lose the ability to thrive. The trio will also be playing in Blenheim at Labour Weekend this year in the National deaf NZ games.

Deaf Lawn Bowls NZ works hard each year to raise funds for the NZ Deaf Team for such things as uniforms etc and is also currently focussing on raising enough funds to help run the forthcoming Deaf Lawn Bowls Championships.