Competing teams and helpers behind the target at the event’s conclusion.

Running Boar Shoot


The Malvern Branch of the NZ Deerstalkers Association (NZDA) recently hosted the Ashburton, Rakaia and North Canterbury NZDA branches to their inaugural Running Boar Shoot competition held at the Darfield Shooting Centre. The Running Boar shoot consists of shooting at a moving silhouette target at a range of fifty metres. The target runs across a gap of ten metres and can only be viewed for five seconds at slow, or 2.5 seconds at fast speed.

The first team member from Rakaia got off to an excellent start leaving Malvern’s team thinking they were in for a hiding, but by the end of the first discipline Malvern were leading. A break for a barbecue lunch and the visitors, with renewed confidence, resumed at the fast speed. It was here the young guns from Ashburton took the lead with an excellent team effort.

Prize giving saw Ashburton finish in first place,  Malvern in second and Rakaia at third.  Best overall individual was Hayden Breakwell from Ashburton.

Graeme Williams, the organiser from Malvern, said it had been a very successful day and the teams were vowing to return next year.