Sam Retains Mayoralty


I’m grateful for the support of the District through the election and am excited to continue to lead our Council for the next three years.

We have three new councillors joining us and my first priority is to meet with, and support them, as they learn the processes, relationships, and timing to fulfil their role successfully. Having Jenny Gallagher and Bob Mugford elected for Malvern gives the community experienced voices at the Council table from two people with strong community connections and hearts, to contribute for Malvern.

It was good to talk with so many people through the election process and hear feedback on our progress so far.

As well as the completion of current projects there are a couple of areas I will be particularly focussed on in the next few months including submissions to the government about changes in fresh water rules, funding for our road maintenance, communication improvements, and lifting support for tourism where Malvern already has a number of very good providers.

Finally thank you to my family and the team of volunteers who worked with me through the election.

I look forward to serving Selwyn through the next three years.

Ngá mihi, Sam Broughton.