Jack about to head in for his audition.

Selected For Special Choir


Ten year old, Darfield Primary School student Jack Guy has recently been selected to be a member of the Junior Representative Choir at the 2018 Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival. (The one hundred member strong choir contains singers from Years 5 & 6).

Jack took part in last year’s Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival in the mass choir (which was made up of various Canterbury primary schools each night) along with other Year 5 and 6 students from Darfield Primary.

“He loved the whole experience and decided at that stage to try for a place in the Junior Representative Choir at this year’s event,” Jack’s mother, Elaine Guy said.

“Over the last two years, the Darfield Primary School choir teachers have also suggested that this may be something he should put his name forward for. When applications opened he was still very keen, so we investigated how to apply and what was involved. We then applied online and in March, he was advised he had secured an audition.”

While Jack has sung from an early age, he has never had any formal vocal training. His piano tutor, Saba Polderman-Charles, kindly helped prepare him for his audition.

The auditions took place in May with 600 students taking part hoping to gain one of the 200 places available across the two Representative Choirs.

Jack attended his three-minute audition on May 21st and it involved singing the National Anthem, a test on his vocal range by singing scales, plus an ear and memory test to assess his pitch, tone, and recall.

On June 17th, Jack and his family were notified by email that he had been accepted as one of the successful applicants for a Representative Choir.

“He was absolutely delighted that having set his sights on making the Choir his hard work and practice had brought it to fruition,” Elaine said with a smile.

The Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival is an annual event, that takes place over three nights and is this year held from October 24th to 26th at the Horncastle Arena.

“As part of Jack’s commitment he needs to attend six weekend rehearsals, as well as an intensive three-day holiday programme during October,” Elaine explained. “He will then perform on all three nights of the Festival.”

On the last night of the Festival  Jack’s peers in Years 5 and 6 from Darfield Primary will join him as part of the massed choir for their school performance.