Another full bus leaving Leeston.

Selwyn Link A Success


Selwyn Youth Council are celebrating after the success of the Selwyn Link bus service which ran on April 17th and 19th, and saw over 550 passengers travel between Southbridge and Darfield.

Jason Flewellen, Community Development Advisor for Selwyn District Council said the service was a huge success.

The first buses of each day were standing room only and at one stage they had reached capacity, meaning that a few understanding passengers remained behind.

Jason said, “there were plenty of passengers throughout the whole day, and a huge diversity in ages.

“Though the bus link was initially created as a trial in answer to the problem facing youth of not being able to get around Selwyn in the holidays, the opportunity was also taken up by both the elderly and young alike,” Jason said.

“There were those on the buses that had never been to some of the smaller townships before,” he added.

Older persons used the service as a great day trip, going through all the towns and stopping off for a cuppa along the way. There were parents with young children enjoying school holidays who were on a bus outing, before heading out shopping.

“Then there were the youth, lots of youth, which was exactly what we wanted to see,” Jason said. “Either heading into Rolleston to meet with mates, go for a swim or to meet another bus heading into the skatepark in Christchurch.”

Youth Council members were on the buses travelling back and forth gathering data, while Jason and co-workers spent time in cars travelling around the route making sure everyone was happy.

“The youth council are extremely pleased and excited with the results,” Jason added “They will spend the next couple of months collating the data collected and will then report to Environment Canterbury and the Council. We are hopeful that we can come up with a more permanent solution.

“If nothing comes from this the Youth Council will look at approaching the Vehicle Trusts in the district and see what other solutions there are to move the youth of Selwyn around in the school holidays,” Jason concluded.