Erna Henning - Massage therapist, mindfulness teacher and meditator.

Soul Jam Great Success


The old West Melton hall was a-buzz with energy on Sunday, July 8th when the Soul Jam expo took place.

Many of those attending took the time to try out therapies and products that were new to them, with many questions being asked of practitioners. “This fulfils exactly the purpose of the expo,” explained event organiser, Sue Jones, “to introduce, and give the opportunity to experience, a variety of natural healing techniques and remedies.”

Readers offered  inspiration and insight, and were sought out by many.

The steady flow of members of the public attending kept everyone busy. “It was wonderful to look around and see all the smiling (and painted) faces,” Sue added.

“We were all left with plenty to think about from the talks and demos, which ranged from Erna Henning’s Mindfulness & Acceptance (bring the song back into your life) to Christine Blandford’s Sleeplessness (getting to sleep/getting back to sleep) – a topic that seems to be dear to many. Shakti Mats and dōTerra products were particularly popular, along with Pure & Simple Nutrition where Pip Meads offered sensible information and tasty snack samples. All those practitioners present loved providing services to enhance well-being and  enjoyed revelling in the warm, positive energy,” Sue reported.

“If you’re planning a ‘bit of a do’, look no further than West Melton Playcentre for catering,” Sue enthused. “The food was well presented and tasty, with a great variety to suit all types of eaters – in one word amazing!”