Back: L to R: Daisy, Bailey Baker, Morgan Manning, Anna Smith, Bailey Inwood & Susanna Sampson. 
Front: L to R: Hannah Ireland, Samuel Ireland, Elise Ireland, Jenny Walter, Rebecca Inch, 
Hanako Wilson, and Lynda Walter. 

St John Youth Outstanding Again


Darfield St John Youth have again come out on top after another successful weekend competing against divisions from throughout Canterbury.

The Darfield contingent were part of 120 cadets staying at Hanmer for the Canterbury competitions, held over the weekend of May 12th and 13th.

Darfield sent twelve cadets to compete, with Jenny Walter, Samuel Ireland, Rebecca Inch and Elise Ireland making up the senior team, while Bailey Inwood, Bailey Baker, Anna Smith and Morgan Manning were in the intermediate team. They were joined by Susanna Sampson, Daisy, Hanako Wilson and Hannah Ireland, who competed in the individual competitions.

The group proved that all their hard work and commitment to training in the run-up to the event was  well worthwhile as they returned home having achieved outstanding results, both in their team and individual sections.

The intermediate team, which had cadets competing for the first time, achieved firsts in all the categories entered, while the senior team scored nine firsts and two seconds. The cadets competing as individuals also shone in the competition, achieving a large number of firsts.

“I am super proud of the results that the cadets brought home,” said Lynda Walter, Divisional Manager. “They have all worked very hard to get to this point.”

With such outstanding results the Darfield teams were placed in the top two for each of their grades, resulting in them being eligible to attend the regional (South Island) competitions, to be held in September. They will be accompanied by the large number of first and second placed Darfield individual competitors.

Along with these fantastic results there was also a community hours shield of 1,000 hours presented to Bailey Baker, an achievement which is no mean feat. Bailey has dedicated her time to helping others in the community, something not often found, or easy to achieve, at thirteen years of age.

Darfield’s Hannah Ireland was announced as the runner-up district cadet of the year for Canterbury.

Intermediate Team Results:

(Anna Smith, Bailey Baker, Bailey Inwood, Morgan Manning)

First Placings:

Drill, First Aid, Caregivers,

Pairs 1 & 2,

Team members 1, 2, 3 & 4

Team Member 4 (1st Overall).

Intermediate Individuals:

Drill: 1: Daisy, 2: Susanna

Communication: 1: Susanna

First Aid 1: 1: Susanna,  2: Daisy

Caregivers: 1: Daisy, 3: Susanna

Transport:1: Daisy, 2: Susanna

Resus: 1: Daisy, 2: Susanna

Overall: 1: Susanna, 2: Daisy.

Senior Team Results:

(Jenny Walter, Samuel Ireland, Rebecca Inch, Elise Ireland)

First Placings:

Drill, Communication, First Aid, Caregivers, Team Members 1, 2  & 3, Pairs 3 & 4.

Second Placing: Pairs 1 & 2, Team member 4 (Overall 1st).

Senior Individuals:

(Hannah Ireland, Hanako Wilson)

Written:1, Caregivers: 1: Hannah

First Aid1: 2: Hannah, 3: Hanako

First Aid 2: 1: Hannah

Resus: 1: Hannah (1st overall)

Deputy District Cadet of the Year Hannah Ireland.