10 yrs & Under Jazz Duo winners, Alyssa Collins & Emily O’Reilly. 

Success For TM Dance World


When TM Dance world attended the 104th Greymouth Competition Society Festival of dance competition beginning September 29th they returned with some incredible results.

“I am so, so proud of Team TM, we have come home from Greymouth with outstanding results,” TM Dance World owner Tara McKeown said, “and the biggest number of trophies ever!! Well done for all the hard work everyone has put in. You all looked amazing out there!,” Tara enthused.

“There was a great team spirit and, as always, so much fun,” she added.

TM Dance World Results:

Open Jazz Team
1: Burlesque
2: Dangerous
3: Warrior

U14 Jazz Team
1: The Greatest Showman
3: It’s Raining Men

U10 Jazz Team
1: Cotton Eye Joe

Open Lyrical Team
1: Unsteady
2: Yellow

14 & Under Hip Hop Team
1: Lets Move

Open Contemporary Team
1: Bottom of the River

Open Hip Hop Team
1: Mirror Mirror

10yrs & Under Novice Jazz

or Hip Hop Solo
1: Paige Adams
2: Isabella Rodgers

Open Contemporary
1: Jade Collier
2: Jess Galletly
3: Breanna Hodges

Open Jazz Trio
2: Jaida Banks, Lily Payton

& Neve Molloy

Open Lyrical 16yrs & Over
3: Jade Collier
VHC-Pippa Foster

10yrs & Under Open Jazz

1: Paige Adams

9yrs & Under Open Jazz
3: Rubie Leech

13yrs & Under Open Jazz
1: Jaida Banks

8yrs and Under Lyrical
3: Rubie Leech

10yrs and Under Jazz Duo
1: Alyssa Collins & Emily O’Reilly
2: Brianna Riddle & Rubie Leech

16 and Under Open Contemporary
1: Caitlin Knowles

12 & Under Hip Hop
1: Barnaby Maude

Open Jazz Duo
1: Emily Bitmead & Breanna Hodges
2:=May Sweeney & Maia Adams

Alex McGregor & Caitlin Knowles

7yrs and Under Jazz
3: Anna Smith

8yrs and Under Jazz
2: Brianna Riddle

Open Hip Hop
3: Jaida Banks.