Tracy Copping, who caught the prettiest fish by a female at the 2018 Darfield ITM/Rugby Club Fishing Competition.

Successful Fishing Trip


The predicted forecast of snow, rain, winds and temperatures down to minus 8 did not deter a group of hardy anglers who attended the 2018 Darfield ITM/Rugby Club Fishing Competition at Lake Benmore. Officially taking place over October, 12th-13th. Fifty plus adults and children started arriving on the Thursday evening and all left, after surviving the weather, by Sunday lunchtime.

Competitors commented that the quality and size of fish appeared to be an improvement on last year. This was evident with the overall prettiest fish, a rainbow trout weighing in at 2.366kg, being caught by Paul MorrisTracy Copping reeled in the prettiest fish caught by a female, a salmon which weighed 1.869kg, needless to say it was also a female. The younger anglers managed to hook a male brown trout at 1.789kg, well done to Sarah Cruickshank, (this was actually heavier than Bryan Thomas’ fish of 2017!).

“This year’s results certainly demonstrate that females are quite capable fisherpeople,” laughed Tracy Copping!

Although waking to a fresh minus two early on Saturday morning, what followed was a great day; fishing in the sun covered azure Lake, with a remarkable backdrop of snow covered mountains. The early evening BBQ and prize giving had many discussing the awesome day it had turned out to be, with some keen anglers actually spending a whole ten hours on the Lake.

Over a hundred spot prizes meant all competitors left with something with the following wining top raffle prizes;

Helicopter Ride: Haigh (ticket bought at the end of year DRFC prize giving)

Plane Ride: Blake Dyer

Raised Garden Timber: Ferg (ticket bought at the end of year DRFC prize giving)

Chain Saw: Mark Irwin

Fly Fishing Rod & Jacket: Tony Laugesen

Hams: Jessica St.Clair-Newman, Steffan St.Clair-Newman (“great Christmas for you guys!”).

It was reported to be a fun weekend with lots of laughs being heard throughout the campsite, especially when Nick Greenslade shared his tales of woe… He displayed a very sore looking eye; there were mentions of a spa bath; dented car; and a lost rod in the Lake –  definitely this year’s worthy winner of the Dick ‘n’ Trout Award!

Organisers thank all who decided to brave the odds and show up. “Obviously the right move as there was only one day of inclement weather out of four, and that wasn’t enough to stop boats heading out onto the Lake.”

Organisers also thank those who supported the Fishing Trip, along with their much appreciated sponsors who made the event possible. They commented that it was good to see children and women taking a larger part in this year’s event and plans are already underway for next year with new events being added to the agenda.