Brianna Riddle winner of the Novice Jazz 8 and Under competition and Open Jazz Duo Under 12 with her dance partner Rubie Leech.

Tap and Jazz Festival


TM Dance World dancers described their time at the annual Timaru Tap and Jazz Festival held on September, 15th-16th, as absolutely awesome. Eighteen students from the School competed at the event in solos, duos and trios, plus one under ten years junior jazz team.

It was reported that with the beautiful weather and friendly competition all, without exception, thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

“We had a fantastic judge (she also liked what we were up to!),” Tara Marshall principal of TM Dance World said.

TM Dance World dancers returned home with a number of accolades recognising their talent.


Novice Jazz 8 & Under
1: Brianna Riddle
2: Emily O’Reilly
HC: Anna Smith

Novice Contemporary 14 and Over
1: Jessica Galletly 
2: Alex McGregor
VHC: Breanna Hodges & Caitlin Knowles

Novice Jazz -14 and over
HC: Maia Adams

Open Jazz Duos under 12
2: Brianna Riddle & Rubie Leech

3: Alyssa Collins & Emily O’Reilly

Open Jazz Solo Under 8
1: Rubie Leech

Open Hip Hop 10 and over
1: Barnaby Maude

Novice Lyrical under 8
1: Rubie Leech

Open Jazz Duo 12 and over

1: Brianna Hodges & Emily Bitmead 
3: Caitlin Knowles & Alex McGregor

Open Jazz Solo 14 and over
VHC:Breanna Hodges

Jazz Troupe Under 12
2: Cotton Eye Joe

Open Hip Hop Duo/trio
2: Milan Beattie & Amy Poynter

Broadway under 8
2: Rubie Leech

Novice Lyrical
3: Caitlin Smith
VHC: Alyssa Collins

Open Jazz Solo
HC: Alyssa Collins.