Community Spirit


When a group of Rolleston children set about making some pocket money ( toward a hoped-for trip to Rainbow’s End) in      the school holidays, by selling cookies and cold lemonade they didn’t expect to be spoken to by the Police. However after Constable Blair Croucher stopped and had a word with them he told them he would be back soon and true to his word, he was.

On returning he brought the entrepreneurial youngsters some drinks, chocolates and colouring pages. Constable Croucher also demonstrated what his car was capable of and explained the communication equipment, along with lights and siren. Needless to say it made the children’s day and their holidays were described as ‘totally awesome’ following the Police goodwill visit.

“The Police don’t get enough praise for the effort they give, but thanks for making the children’s day and keep up the good work in our community,” commented one of the children’s thankful mother. L-R  Ruby Pirika 10, Claudia Hooft 9, Jag Hooft 9, Jack Pirika 7 & Casey McGinity 11 with Constable Blair Croucher.