In June 2016 a new charity  was set-up by Rolleston local Christina Buckland and her friend Joy Reid (a TVNZ journalist). The initiative called ‘From One Mother to Another’, provides gift bags to distressed Mums and Caregivers who find themselves in the Children’s Acute Assessment Unit (CAA) at Christchurch Hospital. The concept has taken off, with the packing of another four hundred gift bags planned over the coming weeks to ensure every Mother through the unit over Christmas, receives a pack.

“We also want to provide extra bags to Mums and Carers in the Children’s Haematology Oncology Centre ward,” the pair added.

“The concept was born in April when my doctor rushed me and my daughter Arabelle to the CAA ward,” Christina recalled.  “It was a stressful, emotional and difficult day. Even though the staff were  truly amazing, it was a rather scary and uncertain place to be. While in the unit, Arabelle was given an age appropriate ‘goodie’ bag full of things to entertain her. It was a little ray of light in her world that morning,” Christina added.

“It gave me the idea to put a pack together for Mums and Carers in an effort to encourage and improve their day too. I self funded the first ten packs, then a few friends contributed and now we have the support of many local businesses. We have had the most amazing feedback from the ward staff.”

The pair now supply around fifty packs per month to the staff at the CAA ward who then give out the packs to those Mothers and Carers who they feel need some encouragement. “It’s usually those who are under a lot of stress/ pressure or those with very young babies,” Christina explained. “Each pack is filled with wonderful goodies, some are practical and some are purely indulgent.”

Items in the packs have either been generously donated from businesses, purchased using donations, or are beautifully hand made goods.

“We recently held a fundraiser which raised more than $3,000. This far exceeded our expectations and we are blown away by everyone’s support, including amazing donations from businesses,” Christina enthused.

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