Leafcutter Bee House


The students at Rolleston School were recently the happy recipients of a Leafcutter Bee House.

The Bee House was kindly donated to the school by Rolleston New World as part of the New World 2017 Little Garden Promotion.

Fifty bees are housed inside and they will remain in hibernation until the  temperatures reach twenty-one degrees for twenty-one days, which depending on the location  in New Zealand, could be as early as October, or as late as January.

Leafcutters are a gentle breed of bees that specialise in pollination. They’re regarded as solitary bees that are safe around children – they will only sting when directly squashed and there have been no known cases of anaphylaxis in New Zealand as a result of a Leafcutter sting.

Growing the Leafcutter Bee population is part of a nationwide initiative with the goal being to reach fifteen million bees in five years. As a country New Zealand desperately needs a resilient bee population to pollinate fruit trees, flower gardens, and vegetables. The Leafcutter Bee is immune to Veroa Mites and will play an important role in maintaining pollination levels.

The students were excited to think they are contributing to the bee population and made Rolleston New World a thank you card in appreciation.