Merry Christmas From Selwyn District Mayor


It has been a busy year which has seen a few changes on the District Council. John Morten, Craig Watson and Pat McEvedy all stood down at the election and we have been joined by Jenny Gallagher, Sophie McInnes and Shane Epiha.

The voices that they bring to our table has been both encouraging and challenging as we look to serve our community together. It means that over the past three years we have had seven of twelve new faces on Council. Selwyn is ever changing and so is our representation.

I’m sure things have changed in your life too. Perhaps you have moved home, or your child has moved out of home, or started at school. Perhaps your Father has taken up a new hobby or your Mother now prefers to walk rather than drive. Maybe you’ve had a new addition to your family or for some of us we have sadly lost members of our family.

Christmas is the time of year when we take a break and reflect on who we are and the year we have had. We look at how far we have come and think about some of the people who have helped us get here. Perhaps we measure that in the size of a tree we once planted or the depth of love we now feel for someone.

Christmas is about relationships being repaired and offering forgiveness to one another. It’s about humility and serving one another. That was the original meaning of Christmas and I trust that it is true for you this Christmas too.

May you enjoy the summer with your family exploring great swimming holes or revisiting your favourite café. Reading good books and engaging in great conversations. Repairing broken relationships and beginning new ones.

Merry Christmas, Love Liz, Elliott and Sam Broughton.