Miss Universe NZ Finalist


Nineteen year old Abigail Curd has lived in Rolleston virtually all her life and has recently been named as a finalist in the      New Zealand Miss Universe competition. She is one of only twenty women making it through to the finals. The eventual winner will go on to represent New Zealand in the international Miss Universe competition, held in America.

Initially modelling was her mother Rachel’s idea, however after six years as a model Abigail is very glad she took it up. Being already in this career  is what really sparked her interest in the beauty pageant world.

Abigail admits she was quite a shy and awkward child, but embarking on the Miss Universe road has improved her confidence greatly.

A former Lincoln High School student, Abigail works part time in hospitality, but is planning to further her education by undertaking tertiary study soon.

“I do enjoy modelling though,” Abigail commented. “Especially bridal modelling because of its elegance and beauty.

“I am really excited about the finals, but also a bit nervous. Being a part of this competition means a lot, on a confidence level. It’s really a huge boost to see my potential,” Abigail said. Grand finals take place on August 4th and understandably Abigail is very excited to see who is going to win. She also admitted she can’t wait to experience a live final.