‘One Mother to Another’


Christchurch charity, ‘One Mother to Another’ has provided more than four hundred gift boxes to the incredibly hard-working St John Ambulance and Christchurch Hospital medical staff in the wake of the mosque massacres. “This was a way of saying thank you to these very valuable people in our community,” ‘One Mother to Another,’ co-founder Christina Buckland said.

The gift boxes contained a range of practical and luxury items, along with a personal hand-written card reading, “we are with you. Thank you for everything you are doing to help Christchurch.”

Many packs also included coffee vouchers, body products, lip balms, jewellery, handmade chocolates, soaps, oils and various other treats.

The products for these boxes were kindly donated by generous local businesses who were shocked at the tragedy of the recent event. The boxes were put together by a team of volunteers, who found creating them incredibly healing. “People are feeling so helpless right now, and we are all hurting so much,” Christina added. “This gives people a way to give and feel part of their community,” she commented. The boxes that were delivered to the St John Ambulance service team leader were gratefully received and it was reported that the kind gesture brought personnel to tears.

The gift packs that were delivered to Christchurch Hospital were decorated by the children of Clearview Primary School in Rolleston.

“This is not what any staff member expected when they turned up for work on Friday, March 15th and we know the recovery journey will be long and hard,” Christina explained. “We want to let these first responders know that we appreciate their bravery. We know they have been working tirelessly in very difficult circumstances and we thank them for their incredible input,” Christina said.

‘One Mother to Another’s,’ other co-founder Joy Reid is currently living in London as TVNZ’s Europe Correspondent. She’s been covering the international reaction to the events and said she feels, “very far from home right now, and guilty at being away from the city and community I love, at a time of such need.

“Many Kiwis in London have asked how they can help at a time like this. The whole world is in shock. Supporting grass roots community led initiatives are a way of connecting people in such tragic times,” Joy said.

‘One Mother to Another’ is an award-winning charity. It was started by two mothers after both of them experienced unexpected hospital stays with their children. The fear and heartache they endured while in hospital prompted them to start the initiative, providing gift bags to mothers of ill children so as to support them in their hour of need.

They currently provide one hundred and seventy gift bags a month to four South Island hospital wards: Christchurch Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Children’s Acute Assessment Unit, Nelson’s Special Care Baby Unit and Southland’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

To find out more information or to donate to ‘One Mother to Another’ visit their website: onemothertoanother.org.nz