Outstanding Success


Two Year 11 pupils have just become the latest history makers at Rolleston College. Reuben Cassie and Kaitlyn Moore are the first two learners at the College to achieve their NCEA Level 1 Qualification. To achieve this so early in the year is a great achievement and Rolleston College are very proud of them both. What is particularly interesting about these two though is the nature of their achievement.

In 2106 when Reuben was interviewed prior to commencing secondary school he spoke about his passion for filmmaking and editing. This was an interest he had developed in his time at Clearview Primary and was keen to pursue.

Over the past two and a half years Reuben has been able to use Quest Projects (Passion projects supervised by AKO Learning coaches at the School – AKO: numeracy, literacy, passion projects and pastoral care),  and other opportunities to continue to develop his skills in this area. To the point where he has attained Level 1 credits for some of his edited films. In other words he was able to gain NCEA acknowledgement as a result of being able to pursue his passion. The fact that he has already gained a Merit endorsement at Level 1 indicates that the quality of the work he has produced is very high.

Reuben has used this passion to springboard his success across all curriculum areas and so his Level 1 qualification contains breadth, as well as depth, a School spokesperson reported.

“The College is very proud of Reuben he has continued to attain at school while remaining the dignified, humble young man that joined us in 2017,” commented Rolleston College’s Media Liaison, Amanda Almeida.

Kaitlyn also joined Rolleston College from Clearview in 2017. She not only has her Level 1 but she has also just gained her Level 2, a unique achievement for a learner who is only half way through her first senior year at secondary school. Kaitlyn has a passion for the farm and the agricultural sector. It was obvious that school was a stepping stone toward her, already mapped, career path. To facilitate this the School supported Kaitlyn as a dual enrolment learner, where she divided  her time between her studies and attendance at the National Trades Academy where she worked on her New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills.

“Kaitlyn has excelled on this course whilst maintaining a high level of academic success in her school based programme,” Amanda commented.

“Kaitlyn has used her personal drive and ambition to enable her to succeed at two quite different educational institutions and we are proud of her commitment and determination as she pursues her goals,” she added.

“Both of these outstanding young adults are a shining example of how learners can thrive when their learning is personalised and where they are able to pursue their passions and have their learning built around both of these concepts,” Amanda concluded.