Rolleston Men’s Shed


The engineering section’s extension is now being populated, meaning machinery is being setup. The woodwork section has been making cupboards and shelf units and these have been installed. The dust extraction cubicle has been built and the extractor installed.
The woodwork section’s extension is always busy, wood being cut, drilled and turned. The original woodwork section is used for assembly. Items for members include more laminated breadboards, shelving units, a table and items for the Cancer Society to sell.
One of the members needed metal plates fitted, and welding done, to the chassis of his caravan to pass a warrant. This would have been a job for his daughter if she hadn’t taken her welder and lathe and gone to the North Island! The job was an involved one and the work done much appreciated by the member concerned.

Clearview Primary School recently had pupils’ bikes and scooters engraved with their owner’s name and phone number. This should help keep track of wayward items.
We still collect old car batteries and their like, to raise funds for our operations. They can be left at our Shed, or call for a pickup.

The Shed is open, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, until midday with the most important part of the day being a cuppa and a yarn.

See the Shed’s website at: for further details.

Sandy Ferguson,

Rolleston Men’s Shed.