Selwyn Kids Kindergarten Give Back


Selwyn Kids Kindergarten in Rolleston have been busy for the past month giving back to the community. Staff and children began by looking at ways they would like to give back and it was decided that holding a fundraiser for another organisation would be a great start. The Kindergarten chose to be a part of the Blind Foundation Puppy Day, where the children from the Kindergarten, together with the Selwyn Kids Homebase and OSCAR services, all helped to bake and sell puppy shaped biscuits. The proceeds from this to go toward the Blind Foundation puppy training school.

“The children really enjoyed being able to give back to the local community and had fun doing it! It was also great for them to learn about the valuable service that guide dogs provide,” said Victoria Tomes, a Head Teacher at the Kindergarten.

After a busy week taking orders and baking over 500 biscuits, their outstanding efforts managed to raise $522 for the Blind Foundation. What a great effort!