Weight Watchers Success


Name: Juliet Sheriff

Age: 35 Years old

Then weight: 98 kilograms

Now weight: 68 kilograms

Weight loss: 30 kilograms

Workshop location: Rolleston.

After gradually gaining weight due to taking on a lot of extra work in her job, Juliet felt constantly stressed,  didn’t have much time to focus on herself, wasn’t undertaking daily exercise, and began eating takeaways every day. She lost the confidence to go out in public and began to miss the things she loved, like swimming, camping and social occasions.

At 98 kilograms, Juliet’s weight was beginning to impact many aspects of her life, along with her mental wellbeing. She also worried that her relationship with food would have a negative impact on her daughter.

Eager to make a positive change, she signed up to Weight Watchers online and began attending weekly Workshops at Rolleston. Here she gained the support of her Weight Watchers Coach, Deborah Ridge.

Through a combination of  better eating, moving more and shifting her mindset, Juliet lost thirty kilograms in twenty months, and her life began to turn around.

With her newfound confidence, Juliet not only began saying ‘yes’ again to social occasions, but was so inspired by her incredible weight loss that she became a Weight Watchers Coach herself. Now she can support others like her to make healthy changes, and also now coaches her own Workshops in Rolleston.

Weight Watchers offers a holistic programme for weight loss and wellness, which uses the power of science and community to guide members towards eating better, increasing movement and shifting mindset. No food is off limits with each member having a personalised SmartPoints budget and choosing what to spend it on.

For Juliet her journey was truly life changing and she feels privileged to be able to assist others on their quest.