Erna Henning - Massage therapist, mindfulness teacher and meditator.

Soul Jam Great Success

The old West Melton hall was a-buzz with energy on Sunday, July 8th when the Soul Jam expo took place. Many of those attending took the time to try out therapies and products that were new to them, with many questions being asked of practitioners. “This...
DHS winning team Penny Mitchell, Ethan Spence, Kate Morris 
with their teacher Marjorie Juhel.

DHS French Cooking Success

June 28th was the annual secondary school French Cooking Competition hosted this year by Cashmere High School. This...
Alongside a screen which was part of the Selwyn Civil Defence presentation - spokesperson for the Darfield volunteer               Civil Defence unit, Brian Davidson, addresses the crowd.

How To Get Through AF8

A rush to set out more seating was required, when the Darfield Recreation Centre was filled with more than 200 people...
Jacob O'Connell, Finn Clark and Will Hodgson. Proud Cantab boys competing in a worldwide academic competition. 

World Scholar’s Cup

When the Malvern News welcomed a group of Kirwee Model School pupils to their office to view the newspaper’s...
Jodie Rollings, Viktoria Derik-Westaway and Aeryn McMillan-Da Via showing their fabulous acting skills during ‘Check Please’.

DHS ‘Check Please’ Production

On June 26th and 27th Darfield High School’s Drama Department presented the Jonathan Rand production ‘Check...